Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sew Mama Sew Sewing Machine Meme

Weird that I was just crying about missing my sewing machine that is broken and then I saw this today! So here is my response:

I have a Pfaff 1222E Electronic.

I have had it a little over 24years.

I am not sure what the cost was. At the time I worked at my Dad's fabric store and he gave it to me when I was pregnant with my daughter. They sold them there, but I can't remember the cost.

I used to sew alot when my kids were little. Then it sat for years. I just started quilting about a year ago and brought it out again.

I love my machine. I have't named it but I should. I love it so much.

I haven't used all the features, but I like the walking foot built in. I love that I have a million feet for it.

The only thing that drives me nuts right now is it is broken, and I am hoping to get it fixed. Probably got brittle sitting all those years. I am so hoping it is fixable. I don't think I can live without it!!!! I was dragging it around with me, but I am now going to find another one to drag around and I will leave this one home and treat it kindly. This blog will be so helpful to find something new.

I told my story earlier. I have so many memories on this machine. I wish for it to be fixed! I want it to be happy sewing!

I would recommend this machine to others, because it is a good one. I'm sure this one is not made anymore.

My dream machine would be to get this one back. Please oh Please let it be fixable.


  1. My first sewing machine was Viking with cams and traded that in on Bernina 830 and then I discoverd Pfaff and I got a 1222E and I loved it. I later traded that in on a Pfaff 1471 and gave that to my oldest daughter when she was 7 and I got a Pfaff 1475PCD which I stlll have. I also have a Janome 100001 that is a sewing and embroidery machine.

    I am sure your Pffaf 1222E is fixable as it is a real workhorse of a machine. It may be that the oil has congealed in the machine as it sat around for years and that all it needs is to get service done on it.

    I like you could not live with my sewing machines. I went withdrawals when I had one machine and since then I made sure I had a backup.

    Your quilts are wonderful and the Pffaf built in walking foot is great for quilitng and other sewing too. I love that feature and my daughter does too.

  2. My MIL loaned me her 1222E back in 1992 and it sewed badly. Took it to the shop for repair and it came back sewing like a dream.

    I immediately returned the machine to MIL for fear that I would never be able to willingly hand it back. MIL purchased the machine in 1976. Knowing that I loved MIL's machine, my DH purchased a Pfaff 6122 for me as an anniversary gift.

    So is your machine back from repair yet?

  3. Not yet! My friend said that he is waiting for a part and should be able to fix it though. I am hoping hoping hoping, because even though the new cheapie machine I bought seems to be doing just fine, I really realized that I loved my other one. Maybe I'm just sentimental!

  4. You know I have the same machine the Pfaff 1222e and it still runs like new. It does so much. I paid $900.00 dollars for it in 1978. That was a lot of money for a machine then, but my mom had one that she sewed drapes on and I new I liked hers so I bought one. I still love this machine. I hope someone can fix yours it's worth the little bit of trouble to get it fixed. There are many parts for the 1222e over the internet and if you find a good repair person who knows maybe you'll have your machine back.
    I purchased two other 1222e so I can fix them. I'm looking for the service repair manual now. What is wrong with yours?

  5. Whatever you do, get that 1222e fixed - it's the bestest Pfaff ever, and worth every cent when bought AND when serviced. A rolls-royce of sewing machines.
    I bought mine in NZ about 1980 and it's been real friend - silky smooth to use, utterly reliable. My sister has a bells'n'whistles computerised Pfaff which is OK - but when it comes to sheer sewing pleasure (and hard work) not a patch on mine.
    Hang on in there for a good repair. Here's wishing you years of happy stitchin'

  6. I did get my machine back. It seems great! They had to put a little screw in the knob that broke, so hopefully that will not be a problem. So far so good!

  7. My Mother bought a Pfaff 1222E about 1970 and quilted for years. I got her a second one (used) about 15 years ago so I could get her's repaired as it was having problems. A friend died and willed her a 1222. Now Mom is in her 90's and slowing down a bit after her quad bypass. She gave grandaughter one machine and gave me a 1222E to get sell for her. (I use a 1929 vintage Singer) I am reluctant to put it on ebay as I feel it would be hard to ship. Any suggestions of how to best sell it for her would be appreciated.

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  9. I bought a 1222e from a gal in Maryland last spring and it was in a case and shipped just fine. I live in Washington State! I would like to get another 1222e so I have a backup. Parts are not easy to find but they are out there. I would love to buy your 1222e but I bet yours is in excellent condition and I probably wouldn't be able to afford the purchase at full price. I see refurbushed machines on-line with new cam stack for $600+!

  10. Do you know where I can buy extra feet and metal bobbins for the Pfaff 1222E sewing machine?
    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.